Captain Kimpossible!

Here at Prosperity Now, when we introduce our colleagues to one another and to members of the assets & opportunity field, we like to explain the role they play here at Prosperity Now. When new folks join the staff, they get introduced to Kim Pate simply as Kim.

Here's the deal: we're busy here. If we were to try to explain Kim's role at Prosperity Now, we'd literally have to mortgage an hour of our day just to describing everything Kim does. Kim's value to the organization is indescribable, but includes overseeing all aspects of Communications, Strategic Partnerships and SETI – the Self-Employment Tax Initiative. Along with these, Kim is event planner-extraordinaire, office safety czar, VP for Innovation, native and rural entrepreneurship expert, purveyor of all things public sector and so much more.

Captain Kimpossible Cover

Last week, we celebrated a big milestone: Kim's 10-year anniversary here at Prosperity Now. While it's not entirely clear how the organization functioned pre-Pate, we're certain Prosperity Now is a better place with her here. To commemorate this momentous occasion and capture just some of what Kim brings to the office everyday, Chris Campbell, Jennifer Brooks and Anne Li put together Captain Kimpossible: Defender of Economic Equality, a comic book chronicling a typical day here at the office (okay, maybe not – but it's still really fun!). Then, Kristin Lawton, Ida Rademacher and Lauren Stebbins acted in a skit for Kim in front of the entire office. While we don't quite have the video from the skit ready, you can check out the comic book by clicking on the cover image to the left. We hope you'll join us in congratulating Kim on her 10 years of service at Prosperity Now. Her contributions have been incredible, and we're so thankful to work with her.

Oh, and by the way, Kim's official title: Vice President for External Relations. I think.

P.S. The tags above don't work – we couldn't possibly maintain a tag for everything Kim does!

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