Cuyahoga County Will Offer Universal College Savings Accounts to All Kindergarteners

In Ohio, Cuyahoga County today announced a new initiative to open a college savings account for every incoming kindergartener in the county, which includes Cleveland. Championed by County Executive Ed FitzGerald, the program is the largest effort to offer child savings program in the U.S. and will serve about 15,000 students in public, private, charter and parochial schools.

Cuyahoga County will start by enrolling 25% of kindergarteners in the program in fall 2013 and plans to enroll 100 percent of incoming kindergarteners by fall 2015. The county will seed each account with a $100 initial deposit that can be used for any postsecondary education, including vocational training as well as two- and four-year colleges. The program will also include a financial education component and is part of an accelerating trend to begin teaching saving and money management skills to both children and their parents.

The Cuyahoga County initiative is part of a growing national movement at the state and local level to help low-income children and families learn how to save for college and manage their finances. It follows a similar effort launched in San Francisco, now entering its third year, that provides a $50 deposit to public school kindergarteners, and a pilot program recently started in Mississippi. A number of other large-scale initiatives are also in development. The emergence of these programs reflects increasing recognition by local and state governments that even a small amount of savings can have a dramatic impact on long-term expectations, particularly for low-income children who may otherwise grow up believing college is out of reach.

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