Expand Economic Opportunity by Turning Upside-Down Tax Programs Right-Side Up

In Andrea's State of the Field address yesterday, she announced the release of Prosperity Now's new report on federal asset-building policy: From Upside Down to Right-Side Up. This comprehensive analysis takes a hard look at the $540 billion in spending on federal tax programs that support asset building through homeownership, retirement savings, liquid savings and higher education.

As you heard yesterday, this federal spending is strikingly upside down. The federal government spends billions of dollars each year to help Americans build assets, but this spending isn't helping most low- and moderate-income households.

The good news is that together, we have the power to make a change. If you are one of the 500+ members of the Assets & Opportunity Network taking part in Capitol Hill Visits today, you're on the leading edge of a bold new campaign to turn these tax programs right-side up. You and others will meet with over 175 offices in the Senate and House of Representatives to have conversations about asset-building programs throughout the country, and you're bringing the message that we need to invest more in helping low- and moderate-income families build assets.

For policymakers interested in reform, $540 billion is on the table, ready to be redeployed in ways that will expand financial security and economic opportunity for millions of Americans. With your help, we can make sure these reforms are part of the conversation.

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