Investing in Children Early Increases Access to Education

A new blog posted on the U.S. News Education blog and written by Equal Justice Works highlights the relationship between Children's Savings Accounts (CSAs) and educational outcomes. Much of the research cited by the blog's author has been conducted by William Elliott from AEDI. In summarizing this research, the blog's author writes, "The bottom line is that savings are positively associated with educational aspirations and achievement, keeping low-income children college-bound despite limited financial resources. Federal aid can help, but student debt is becoming more and more of a barrier. [...] We need more programs like K2C and SEED, which overcome the institutional and financial barriers that cause so many students to relinquish college dreams at an early age, so that higher education really is accessible to all. Only then can it fulfill its role as a great equalizer."

To read more about this research, visit the Equal Justice Works post on the U.S. News Education blog.

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