Key Resources to Help Your Organization Adopt and Improve Financial Capability Services

Did you know that April is Financial Capability Month? It’s an exciting time here at Prosperity Now, when we get to reflect on the field and how we can support the financial capability of individuals and communities.

Financial capability is the capacity—based on knowledge, skills and access—to manage financial resources effectively. It lays the foundation for us to gain financial security and have the freedom and flexibility to do what we want with our lives. Prosperity Now has published a wealth (no pun intended!) of resources for organizations looking to build financial capability services for their clients. Here are some of our favorites:

When you’re ready to move on to selecting and implementing services, these briefs can help you design your programs:

The following resources can help organizations understand gaps in the marketplace for financial services and evaluate whether fintech can help community members: 

We hope these resources offer something for everyone interested in financial capability. If you’re looking for information that we haven’t mentioned here, feel free to send me (Melissa Grober-Morrow, Director of Savings & Financial Capability at Prosperity Now) an email!  

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