Piloting a Campaign to Reach Community Members with Debt

How many times have you wished that community members reached out sooner to your financial coaching or credit counseling program? Too often we hear that community members struggled for years trying to address debt on their own and we know that their resolutions options often became less favorable over time.   

Over the past year, a groupof credit counselingagencies worked together through the Smart Growth Innovation Program with Prosperity Now and Capital One toexplore the questionhow might we encourage people to reach out for credit counseling when their debt balances are no longer going down?” These groupsapplied methods from consumer research and human-centered design tocreate a campaign and diagnostic quiz.  

In launching DebtMonsters.org—a fun, non-judgmental, web-based quiz that helps people identify their debt situation and directs them to clear, easy next steps—the agencies hope to spread the word that there are tips, tools and programs that can make a difference. 

Prosperity Now’s Applied Research team provided human insights technical assistance and designed a pilot to help the groups determine if campaign and quiz help their agencies to reach community members earlier. Check out the quiz and then stayed tuned to hear about the results of the pilot in early 2020.  

To learn more about the current Smart Growth Innovation Program, as well as about the human-centered design activities used in the program, check out the Smart Growth Web Portal.  

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