Prosperity Now Launches the VITA Leadership Institute

For 50 years, the VITA program has thrived by providing free, quality tax returns for low-to-moderate income families nationwide. Even with the continued success of the VITA field, the Taxpayer Opportunity Network wanted to explore what makes VITA coalitions succeed, what challenges they can experience and most importantly, what we can do to get over those hurdles. As a part of our commitment to the VITA program, we’re proud to announce the inaugural VITA Leadership Institute.  

With the generous sponsorship of Wells Fargo, the VITA Leadership Institute features 10 VITA coalitions from various geographic regions, program sizes and client demographics. By bringing together such a diverse group, we plan to incorporate new and emerging voices in the VITA field. For the next 10 months, the Institute will cover the pressing topics in the VITA field while creating new tools and resources for current and future VITA coalitions. After cultivating and developing these peer-tested resources, the Taxpayer Opportunity Network will release a blog post showcasing some of the findings for future VITA leaders going forward.  

Our first cohort features:  

  1. El Programa Hispano Catolico 

  1. Granite United Way 

  1. High Point VITA Coalition 

  1. Louisville Asset Building Coalition 

  1. United Way of West Florida 

  1. Central Arkansas Development Corporation 

  1. Cherokee Nation 

  1. United Way of River Cities 

  1. Jefferson Economic Development Institute 

  1. CDFI of the Tohono O'odham Nation 

We’re incredibly excited to get started and share what we’ve learned in the upcoming months!  

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