Racial Equity and Human-Centered Design Take Center Stage at Northwest Regional Prosperity Summits

Thanks to the generous support of the Northwest Area Foundation, Prosperity Now hosted two Regional Prosperity Summits in Des Moines, IA and Boise, ID during the month of April, tailored to our Community members in Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon and Washington. The Summits allowed experts, advocates and local practitioners to network and learn from each other; learn more about the needs, challenges and opportunities in the region; and design equitable agendas informed by local leaders.

To plan for the Summits, Prosperity Now conducted 12 one-on-one calls with our Community Champions and surveyed a few dozen Community members in the region to learn more about issues in their states, the areas they work on, and the topics they would like to discuss with their peers.

Based on this feedback and with input from our Summit planning teams, the Des Moines Summit on April 3 focused on human-centered design and racial equity. At this Summit, over 100 attendees learned about and practiced client journey mapping and community mapping to develop programs and services that addressed the varying needs of their clients.

The Boise Summit on April 23 walked over 80 attendees through the Prosperity Now Scorecard Racial Disparity Rankings for their states, trained attendees on strategic communications and the race-class narrative, and discussed how racial equity affects their work around affordable housing and homeownership, financial capability, advocacy and more.

Through these Northwest Regional Prosperity Summits, we learned a lot about Prosperity Now Community members in this vast region, particularly the hunger for more conversations grounded in human-centered design and racial equity. We hope to share more insights soon.

None of this would be possible without the incredible Regional Prosperity Summit planning teams! A big and heartfelt thank you to Teree Caldwell-Johnson (Oakridge Neighborhood and The Directors Council), Stephanie Chin (United Way of Central Iowa), Claudia Holt (Prepare + Prosper), Marcia Kephart (Iowa State Bank & Des Moines Asset Building Coalition) and Ambreasha Frazier (Minneapolis Urban League) for helping us shape the Des Moines Summit. And a big shout out to our Boise planning team: Christine Tiddens, Kate Nelson and Sasha Pierson of Jannus; and Carlos Garcia of Neighborhood Partnerships.

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