Arohi Pathak

Associate Director, Field Engagement

Arohi Pathak is Associate Director, Field Engagement at Prosperity Now. In this role, she manages the Northwest Area Foundation’s Financial Inclusion Policy Action Initiative, which helps organizations from across the Northwest advance state and tribal legislative and administrative policies that lead to long-term prosperity in low-income communities, Native American communities and communities of color. Ms. Pathak also helps these organizations build enduring policy and advocacy capacity through targeted coaching and technical assistance, strategic planning and peer learning. Additionally, Ms. Pathak works to engage Prosperity Now's community in federal and state advocacy and policy efforts, ensuring that low-income communities have access to financial capability and economic opportunity to build long-term and enduring financial security.

Prior to Prosperity Now, Ms. Pathak worked on domestic policy issues, including welfare, early care and education, Medicaid and workforce supports. She spent seven years at the Service Employees International Union doing state and federal policy analysis on issues impacting low-income and working Americans and union members. Ms. Pathak also has a background in civic participation and political engagement, and holds an M.A. from American University in International Communications and Peace and Conflict Resolution.