How You Can Amplify Your Voice This Election Season

Fall is officially here and along with the new weather, we’re on the brink of electing new representatives at every level of government. With new leadership on the horizon comes the opportunity to amplify your voice. This is how the issues that matter to you get picked up in the media and policy discussions.

Over the next several weeks, candidates will host local events to discuss policy priorities and listen to the concerns of constituents. As an advocate, you are uniquely positioned to educate candidates from both parties on issues of financial insecurity in your community. Nonprofits are also permitted to participate in certain election activities, and you’ll find more information about that below. Here are a few tools to help you in those efforts:

  • Download our “Commit To” card for your state, insert your organization’s policy priorities and logo, and leave it with a candidate or their staff. Here’s a sample “Commit To” card:

Commit to card.jpg


If you have additional questions about educating candidates on your issues, please email Vanna Cure at

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