The Movement Soars Ahead: The State of the Children’s Savings Field 2018

The Children’s Savings Account (CSA) movement continued to gather momentum in 2018. CSA programs provide long-term savings or investment accounts with incentives to help children build savings for the future, typically for postsecondary education. Nine new programs launched in 2018, including the pilot Keystone Scholars program in Pennsylvania, which expanded across the state in January of 2019 and will be the largest CSA program in the country by annual enrollment. Based on Prosperity Now’s annual CSA Program Survey, this document offers a snapshot of the field and illustrates trends in CSA program models.

This year, we have added an alternate analysis for some features, showing the breakdown by the number of participants, in addition to the number of programs. This gives a more accurate representation of the field, since the largest programs account for the vast majority of children with CSAs. 


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